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At Bali Driver, we strive to provide the best services and information you will need before making your journey to Indonesia’s famous Island of Gods. We are dedicated to help those who want to make their trip to Bali safe, memorable and fun, whether you are a first time traveler or frequent traveler. Explore our website now and find out about all information you need to make your vacation enjoyable.

Why Visiting Bali?
Bali has always been one of the most popular destinations in Indonesian since more than three decades ago, and why not? The island is not just beautiful; it has really rich cultural and art heritage, being kept for centuries by the locals, and they still stick to it despite vast development of their island. This turned Bali into an amazing juxtapose between modern tourist destination and amazing cultural landscape, where you can see temples and beach-side resorts side by side.

The Balinese incorporate their cultural and art heritages into tourism industry; this is why you can have tour to villages that produce woodcarvings, traditional jewelry and traditional clothes, and buy those products directly from the local craftsmen. This is why you can learn traditional dance, painting and cooking local dishes at some resorts and hotels. This is why you can enjoy amazing tropical village atmosphere even in modern resort. All these contribute to Bali’s reputation as the most popular destination in Indonesia.

There is everything for everyone in Bali. If you are a budget-strapped tourist, there are many travel plans and accommodations for backpackers or budget trips. If you have a little more money, you can choose three star hotels, buy cheap local foods and enjoy travel package. If you have unlimited budget, Bali has splurging options such as luxurious resorts, international level golf course, apartment style hotel, fine dining and such. There are even options for more rustic travel type such as trekking, mountain climbing, surfing, and safari trip. Also, do not forget wonderful Bali beaches like Kuta, Legian, Padang-padang, Lovina and Nusa Dua!

One trip to Bali can satisfy everyone in your group, even if you have different taste in enjoying holiday. Make sure you pick Bali as your next destination, and plan your travel with us!

Our Services
We offer everything you need to make your vacation easy, fun and memorable. Our services range from accommodation to travel plan and transportation. You can plan for the entire trip just by visiting out website. Here are services we offer to plan your Bali trip:

• Bali accommodations. We offer information about Bali hotels, villas and guest houses for travelers with various budgets. We offer booking help for cheap and cozy guest houses, modern hotels, and even luxury villas. Our services help you finding the best accommodations that fit your budgets, needs and travel group criteria. You can also order one of those accommodations with our help.
• Bali driver. We offer information and service of private car and driver, so you can enjoy trips around Bali without having to depend on Taxi or public vehicles. We make sure you get the best drivers with good attitude, good communication skill, and familiarity with Bali best sports for tourists, as well as friendly demeanor. Your trip will be much more fun and effective with these private drivers.
Bali car rental with driver. All of our cars are on their best performance and very elegant for traveling. We offer flexible itineraries if you want to traveling around the island. Our drivers are a union of professional Bali driver who lost their subsistence due the pandemic
• Bali related information. Our website provides all info you need about Bali, such as consulate information, weather and climate information, travel tips, traditional ceremony and ritual information, temple location information, recommendations of great spots to visit in Bali, gift shop, and other important information you may find useful during your trip.
Do not make your Bali travel miserable and not enjoyable at all without good planning! We help you making your Bali trip to be memorable, beautiful and fun.

Our Service Guarantee
The popularity of Bali as a popular travel destination has created the growth of travel agent services. Unfortunately, many of these services do not pay attention to professional service aspects, and many tourists found themselves disappointed by some services that might be caused by miscommunication. However, that is not our case.

Our professional staff makes sure that you will never experience unnecessary troubles, pay hidden fees or get unpleasant experiences with our drivers and related services. We only give you the best; best services, best price, best information. There are many travelers that have their trip to Bali ruined by incompetent travel services, so we try our best to be one of the best.

We will also never give hidden fees and additional taxes that you do not know about before. You pay what we give, and if there are necessary taxes or other information, we will tell about it in advance, not after you are in Bali. Therefore, you will not experience surprise payment obligation like what happened to some tourists that used unreliable travel services.

Better Travel Planning with Us
We understand that it can be difficult to find good travel service for Bali trip, wherever you are. Therefore, look no more than this site. This is where all information you need about Bali available in just one place. Allow us to help you from the beginning to the end, and we will ensure that your travel will become memorable.

Feel free to contact us through our contact information, or call us directly to our office in Denpasar. We will answer all your inquiries and help you making the best travel plan to visit Bali. When will you go? Do not wait. Contact us now and plan your trip to Bali, and enjoy the best traveling experience in Bali.

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